Maintenance & Equipment

One of Rolugro’s core activity is the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of maintenance equipment meeting highest performance standards. Over the past years we have learned that maintenance is essential to keep synthetic turf pitches in a good condition. Especially for 3rd generation pitches, especially soccer and rugby, maintenance needs to be carried out carefully, even when the maintenance is far more limited than on natural grass.

Unless a artificial turf is maintained properly, it will lose some of its playing quality in the long term. Artificial turf certainly demands less investment in time and costs for maintenance. It can be used for many more playing hours than real turf but you can not just lay it and leave it to its own devices. Maintenance on an artifical turf pitch is defferent but just as important as it is on a natural grass pitch.

Therefor Rolugro has developed different types of maintenance equipment for artificial turf. You can read all about it under the different chapters.