Infill Measuring Tool

The thickness of the infill layer is essential for a long life of your artificial turf.

The proper thickness of your infill layer protects your synthetic turf fibers against damage. Artificial pitches are ideal for intensive use because they are no longer seasonal. Summer and winter, spring or fall, each season can be played on artificial turf. The infill thickness is reduced by time, by compacting and material movement. The upper part of the fiber, which is unprotected by the absence of the infill layer will wear out faster than desired. The artificial turf could be damaged beyond repair. Often repairs, through to a thin layer of infill, are not covered by the warranty of the supplier.

The infill measure is important for guaranteed quality as to playing properties. When the artificial pitch is delivered, the infill will be even and have an ideal thickness. The playing properties will then be fully realized. As the field is being used, the infill material will move compact or disappear. An example in football is the area near the penalty spot, the goal area and the area near the corner flag.

To obtain high quality playing properties and to ensure the fiber to be protected against early damage, frequent measuring of the infill layer is necessary. The Rolugro-infill measure is easy to use and the measurements indicate exactly where the infill layer needs maintenance.

Infill measuring tool:

  • Measuring is knowing
  • Better protection of the fibers
  • maximizes playing properties of your synthetic turf
  • user friendly
  • Prevent premature wear of the fibers