Bristly Power 3.2

The Bristly Power is a drag broom connected to the rear lift mechanism of a tractor. Fully extended the brush has a width of 320 cm.

The operating width of the brush ensures a rapid maintenance of the pitch. A major additional advantage is that the borders and corners of the pitch are easily accessible. The patented brushes are coarsely populated to prevent clogging with rubber granules. The brush is very user-friendly and therefore easy to operate by just one person. Special hooks make it very easy to transport the brush with a forklift truck.

It is also possible to attach a weeding unit, the Tickle Harrow, to the Bristly Power, which is  extremely useful as pre-treatment before major maintenance of pitches or lawns.

Implementation options:

  • Lightning
  • Blower
  • Changeable wheels
  • Hydraulic system

As the pictures are showing it is also possible to implement the quick change system. The Bristly Power can perform two maintenance operations with one machine.The decompacting unit with its quick-change system is an unique application for the Bristly Power 3.2.

The unique quick-change system allows you to quickly and easily convert the machine from a brushing machine to a decompating machine.