Tickle Harrow

The Tickle Harrow will be used for leveling of the rubber/sand on an artificial pitch. Because of this the water discharge shall be recovered. The Tickle Harrow can also be used for artificial pitch fibers which disappeared and put them upright again.

The Tickle Harrow can be adjusted exactly to ensure correct depth. The adjustment happens through air tires which are included in the shipment. The Tickle Harrow consists of 3 frames mounted through springs. These frames can be assembled underneath the frame of the Bristly Power.

The top link from the Tickle Harrow will be replaced by the chain which is added to the delivery. Otherwise there will be too much pressure onto the air tires when the brush unit drives over uneven areas (for example driving up or driving down the field).

When the depth is adjusted, the raise-arms from the tractor must be attached. The raise-arms from the tractor aren’t allowed to sink during driving.