With several Rolugro machinery, it is possible to decompact. Brushing alone is not enough for the annual maintenance of artificial turf.

Decompacting is done in order to lift the compaction of the infill in artificial grass. In this way, the water will be drained better.

The decompationunit is designed in a way that it can be accurately adjusted in depth (bristly Power) Set up the machine that it will pass through 1.5-2cm the infill. Sometimes it is advisable to arrive at the desired depth in several times in order to prevent damage to the artificial grass. For example, the first time to 1.5cm depth and the second time to 2cm depth.

Decompacting needs to be done in a slow speed, about 5 km per hour to drive across the pitch. The pinns under the decompactionunit are made of thin metal, because thicker springs can damage the turf. To prevent further damage to the grass, you should therefore also drive slowly over the pitch.

As soon as one enters a curve, it is necessary to lift the decompactionunit. This also applies when one drives transversely over the lines, in order to prevent that the lining is moved.

Never put the machine down with the springs resting on the ground. How often decompaction is necessary, depends on the use of the field, but normally we suggest once per 2 or 3 months.

When one does not work according the appropriate method, it is possible that the springs will break. Rolugro is not liable for this.